Cercling around plastered Lamp
Up and down Innerspace of the Studio
under the surface of Facing Pair
putting Horizontal Cuts on a table

dimitri vangrunderbeek

kijken - herkijken, 2013 / two versions of chair (white lacquered), 1993 - 2013 / tracing form and tracing space / the content of my studio in 1996, 2012 / physically experienced time, 2012 / schikken en herschikken / tracing form / studio project - inventive thinking, 2010 / variations on a grid structure, 2006 - 2009 / walking circles on a sand carpet, 2005 / walking around groene schijn, muhka, 2002 / het schilderen van ruimte

Physically Experienced Time (looking at some works), 2012

I want to critically (re-)view and investigate some mutual and invisible qualities in my work by introducing time as an active part of the work. By means of some video’s I will reveal a number of qualities concerning time, object, space and surface in recent and old works to present another way of perceiving my work.
I have noticed that many of my works are results of tests or experiments. By means of time (duration) I want to give the viewer a chance to physically experience the qualities of the results of these tests, and to experience how different works relate to each other.
Video is a tool transferring the physically experienced time. Duration becomes a sculptural element. By means of the moving image and sound I want to add a new dimension to the relationship between object (sculpture) and viewer. The works do the acting.

I asked myself the question which qualities I want to point out, and how to approach them when transferring them into video (the way of filming, the way of handling, the duration…).