dimitri vangrunderbeek

kijken - herkijken, 2013 / two versions of chair (white lacquered), 1993 - 2013 / tracing form and tracing space / the content of my studio in 1996, 2012 / physically experienced time, 2012 / schikken en herschikken / tracing form / studio project - inventive thinking, 2010 / variations on a grid structure, 2006 - 2009 / walking circles on a sand carpet, 2005 / walking around groene schijn, muhka, 2002 / het schilderen van ruimte

Studio Project - Inventive Thinking, 2010

Question: How can I deploy my artistic method within the logic of inventive thinking?

The second part of my presentation is a photographic report of an experiment where a series of artistic/design oriented “research acts” proposes a horizon of meanings, staged by the logic of inventive thinking presented in the text of J.M. Besse. A project where my point of departure (my keywords) directs the research process by means of my artistic method by opposing it to a context.

Keywords: the surface, the line, the cut, materiality and spatiality.The experiment took place in my studio and basically consisted in a series of creative efforts to embody a number of thematic keywords characteristic for my artistic practice. The embodiments of the keywords were realized in relation to three big tables which I had installed in the studio for the occasion. The tables served as a context and were made of parts of old sculptures and installations. For the experiment I chose only to use materials and objects which have been circulating in my studio for a while. The actual results in the studio are not considered as artworks; in the end all interventions were destroyed and the photographic report was given an artistic dimension.